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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Bang

Post 1600

In celebration of the switching on of the giant collider at Cern in Switzerland - with which they are trying to recreate the Big Bang, and possibly to DE-create the planet with us on it - I have put together a wide-ranging video of Vincent getting physical.

In all sorts of ways :)


Tess said...

I'll take Vincent's 'Big Bang' over the other one....Please!

Congrats on 1600 posts Val :)

Goddessdster said...

It is all right that I'm laughing, right? Because this post cracked me up. Well done and congrats, Val.

Hopefully we will survive the day to see another tomorrow.

jazzy said...

1600 - wow! Congrats :)

bobby-big-bang is the masterplan!!

Eliza said...

I can't believe you got to 1600 posts already!!! Congratulations on all your hard work :-D

The signifigance of the Big Bang passed me by when it came to todays post so I have to say you're very clever and the video is excellent!!

Anonymous said...

I was actually quite miffed when they said on the 10am news this morning the particle-thingy had been switched on at 8.30am. I wanted a moment to prepare my last thoughts of Vincent just in case I was about to be vaporised ;0)

As ever, Tess stole my line, so I'll just say there's only one 'bang' I want, and I'm quite sure it would be 'big'

judith said...

my last "bang" before i'm de-created would be wonderfull with vincent but i can see i'm going to have to join the que!!!!

SnarkAngel said...

I posted my praise over at YouTube, but thought I would pop over here and watch the video again ... and again ... and again ... and again ... I never tire of watching Vincent "bang" anything ... hee.

fenwayspal said...

please, let him get physical with me, i promise to NOT fight him!

congrats on your achievement

Music Wench said...

LMAO Loved your sense of humor! Love naked Vincent. Nice way to cap off my day! :-)

fanz said...

Great minds think

mauigirl said...

I just LOOOOVE V getting physical, beautiful post Val. Congrats & thank you for the 1600 amazing posts you've given us!

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