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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bobby's White Whale

First encounters.

Health Warning! Unpleasant sighting in final photo!

Extrapolation from a rap song.

Bobby's talking to Valerie!

Have I ever said he looked perfect before?

The Camp Couple.

Just look at that view.
No, not the one out of the window, the one in front of it!

How handsome is he?

Bobby talking to the stunt hair.

Can I borrow that LOOOOOONG middle finger, please :)

Trying to remember what SWMNBN said? As if.

Oh. My. God.

This is a very handy episode.

He knows his hands are gorgeous, right?
Hand cream has never been used to better effect.

Pure hate. Beamed from us through him.

Why wag that finger at the stunt hair when you could be wagging it at ME!

Now it's loathing. No mistaking that expression.

Contempt, if I'm not mistaken.
And who would argue with that feeling?

Sorry to those who did not survive the shock.


JoJo said...

Don't hate me for saying this, but I always thought Bobby's loathing was directed at himself for loving Nicole in spite of what she was. Is. Was. Whatever.

SnarkAngel said...

Your caps are the cat's meow, as usual, Val! Our man is very, verrrrry complicated. But methinks we rather prefer him that way ...

Music Wench said...

I don't mind seeing Nicole now that she's DEAD. If she doesn't stay that way I'm going to be incredibly upset with the new crop of writers.

The only thing I would have loved to have seen would have been Bobby or Alex taking the bitch down.

Drowsey Monkey said...

I'm with jojo on this one, lol. I love the episodes with her in it. I feel the taboo passion....LOL

Love that last photo...what an actor.

jazzy said...

handy episode, lol.
he doesn't need to use words; his facial expressions - wow!

Axe said...

I also enjoy Nicole's eps. because IMO she truly masters the art of acting off against him (OMG, did I just say "against him"?)

Val, why settle for just the middle finger, babe? Have them all!!!

Eliza said...

Thank you for the warning Val!! I scrolled past the last picture and clicked comment when she was out of sight LOL

The first 2 episodes with SWMNBN were pretty good really...even if she did wind him up,but after that she got boring really really fast

judith said...

swmnbn is an insult to a white-whale. i agree with eliza she did get boring but as for being dead, who knows. here in lancashire someone who cremated his dad 5years ago has found out he's still alive. the police or who ever have really messed up so there is a chance "nicolle" could come back. i hope not!!

Anonymous said...

*Shrieks: AAARGH, MY EYES* at the sight of the now (hopefully) dead SWMNBN. I could have lived without her presence in 'Frame' but as long as Declan did the deed and she's now out of the way, although it was unforgivable of him to tell Bobby what her last words were! I didn't see 'love' from him towards her, only 'interest' that she kept on getting away with things.

fenwayspal said...

each pic is perfect; even the one with whats her name in it! and perfect doesn't even cover it

silly for Vincent said...

When I think about,or just have a up close look at his loonggg and huge hands,and his wonderful fingers...eeeehhh...I just drool all over myself,and I get lost in space!!!:)
I that pic where Val wrote-OH.My.God;I would say:OY YEA Val..YESSS that HUGE man is that much flexibile...MMMMMMM!!!

JoJo said...

Nicole's so evil that I bet she can survive without a heart!!!

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