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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Nose Thief

On Mondays I take my student to the school where I used to teach, where he joins Year 11 (age 15-16) for their art lesson. It's a special school, designated for "delicate" children - the kinds of kids who would find it hard to cope at a mainstream school, and would be likely to be bullied: many of them are autistic; others have learning delays.

As Year 8 (age 12-13), these youngsters were my class. I taught them English, Maths and Social Ed, and half of them I taught Science. They were lovely kids. A year earlier they had taken part in an animation workshop, and today Joe reminded me that it is on YouTube.

So, for the first time on Life and Vincent, here is their film, The Nose Thief.


Axe said...

This is so well done, Val. Its adorable. I used to live in the Grand Hotel, you know ;-)

Anonymous said...

THAT was very impressive! If you listen to the words to Ben's song at the end; it's very telling. This made my day, thank you!

potzina said...

Wonderful! I'm speechless. This movie is adorable. Thank you so much for sharing, sweet Val.

Anonymous said...

I just can't get over how well made this is.

val said...

They are lovely kids. I wish we had a film of when we did a school assembly about Oliver Twist. They were so funny.

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