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Monday, January 10, 2011


Fucking Perfect Specimen.

And how stupid am I to post S3 from the old album, when I have these sparkling new ones to share?


No need to strain to look up my skirt, sweetie.

No need for me to strain to examine your goods, either!

It's about yearning.

Yes, darling, we know.

We yearn for you, too.

Gawd, how gorgeous.

Now, that's what I need!


anactingnurse said...

GREAT captions. I second the emotions. (drooling excessively!!!)

fuzzytweetie said...

A "slow screw up against the wall".......squeeeee.......sigh.

JoJo said...

Awesome caps as usual Val!

Anonymous said...

Love your acronym for FPS.

and I lovin' dem ears!
::nibble nibble::

mauigirl said...

Beautiful caps and funny lines there, Val. I will now think of FPS as Fucking Perfect Specimen. Especially since I kept forgetting what it really meant anyway.

fuzzy - ooohh, yes, yes!

potzina said...

Funny captions and wonderful pix. And FPS is priceless! ;)

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