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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Human Have Fucked With The Amazon

Now Amazon fucks with humans.

Every time I contact them about their foul-up. I have to tell the same story over and over again. I decide to take up their offer of telling them that they hadn't dealt with my problem properly - for example, they still don't know how my friend got to be the invoicee, and they still seem to think the gift will arrive (it was only sent on December 8th after all) - and I ask for a call back. This time it is someone in the US who calls, and she has a quiet voice and difficult accent. I tell her this - and next thing I know, the bitch has hung up.

Amazon will have to pull a very big rabbit out of the hat to get me back as a customer.


mauigirl said...

Awww Val, I'm sorry to hear Amazon is giving you so much grief! Someone over there really messed up big time if they're having so much trouble getting it straightened out! I would be quite pissed myself. :/

Eliza said...

Sorry to hear you had trouble with Amazon..hope you get some sort of satisfaction from them..good luck!!

Axe said...

Bastards! They are all too happy to take money, but customer services is always a bitch.

I hope you get this sorted out, hon!

JoJo said...

"Customer Service" has become another oxymoron, like "military intelligence".

val said...

Well JoJo, that's because it's run by morons, oxy or not!

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