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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just a quick question

I remember a series of posts JoJo did a while ago about the impossibility of getting things to stay suctioned to the wall in the shower. It's a problem I have periodically. My solution, fortunately, is much cheaper than hers, and it's quick and easy for me to replace the offending bottle-holding shelf if need be, thanks to a super-cheapo store just down the road that sells exactly the item I need.

However, before it becomes obvious that a new one is the only answer, there are usually weeks, or even months, when the suction cups keep failing and you have to stick the thing back up.

Of course, soon (but not immediately) after you put the bottles back on the shelf, at a time designed to give you the maximum shock (ie. in the middle of the quiet of night) the thing comes unstuck again and crashes down.

What I want to know is, given that the suction cups could not hold the shelf and contents in place, WHY THE HELL DO THEY STICK TO THE TILES HALF WAY DOWN THE WALL AND REFUSE TO COME FREE SO YOU CAN PUT THEM BACK WHERE THEY BELONG?


SnarkAngel said...

The only thing I ever bought that has suction cups that actually WORK in the shower is a set of hooks to hold up my miniblinds so I can scrub them down in the shower. Of course they only need to be up for an hour or so. LOL. That reminds me, I really need to clean those blinds again.

Jean said...

I totally agree about the suction cups crashing. What tiles are you talking about in capital letters?? i don't get it.

JoJo said...

I found a shower caddy that has a loop that goes around the shower pipe and you can tighten it down to make it stay put. It was pricey but I was sick of the others falling off. So far it's been the best solution. It also has a large suction cup at the bottom and it has worked more consistently than any others.

Anonymous said...

I'm with JoJo, the one that loops around the shower head pipe works the best!

val said...

I've never found one that is suitable to go round the shower head pipe, and if you hook them round the shower head itself, I find it causes all sorts of other problems. All this so as not to drill holes in the wall.

The tiles, Jean, are the ceramic tiles inside the shower cublicle. They should be the perfect surface for suction caps. Huh!

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