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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'll Be Frank

This is a truly boring film. The only watchable thing in it is - Tara! - Vincent.

There's a surprise.

Still no PowerDVD (thanks for the prompt response, guys, you're beginning to remind me of Marks and Spencer) so still no new material.


JoJo said...

Was this from Chelsea Hotel? God that movie was a snooze. But Vincent's part was great!

BTW, who is "Tara"?

potzina said...

Boring? Really? I love this movie. I was hypnotized by it. To each his own.
And our man is too cute ^o^

fuzzytweetie said...

It's a movie you have to kind of wrap your head around. Very artsy and "in".......seeing as I don't live in NYC or am in the "arts", I only enjoyed the (you guessed it) VDO scenes. Go figure! LOL

Jean said...

i LOVED the Vincent scenes!!! RSL was killing me though. I just wanted to kick those scenes awake.

Anonymous said...

I never have managed to watch more than Vincent's scenes in this

SnarkAngel said...

He is so scrumptious looking in this! Frank is a super hottie!!!

mauigirl said...

V's scenes were definitely the best of the film. I love when he's chatting with his agent (or whoever) on the phone, and says, so matter of factly 'Can you hold on?', then promptly hangs up the phone. Heeheeeheee.

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