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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Should I or shouldn't I?

When I tried to play the clip of this, I couldn't, so I haven't tried to buy it yet. Is it something to do with this new computer, or is it the fact that I'm in the UK? Anyone had any luck - good or bad?


Anonymous said...

I got it - after I had to confirm to my credit card company that I was indeed trying to spend a whole £1.27.

Haven't had time to listen to it yet but it's definitely there...all 33 mins of it.

I didn't try to play it on the site, I just added it to my basket and waltzed off with it ;0)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I got to work after updating Adobe flash reader again!

fuzzytweetie said...

I've got it but haven't listened.

Eliza said...

I bought it from the website and listened to it on Windows Media Player..I liked it :-)

I didn't try to play it on the site though, just clicked the 'Add To Cart' button and paid with Paypal..from arriving on the site to listening to the atory took all of 5 minutes

Lisa Boone said...

I got it and have listened to about 10 minutes of it in the car through my Ipod. I'm going to listen to the rest tonight!!!! So far it is really good, and his voice is VERY recognizable.

Anonymous said...

Downloaded it this aft. Loved it!

jazzy said...
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SnarkAngel said...

Haven't tried to purchase it yet. Maybe this weekend.

judith said...

I got it and listened to it lateish last night. Worth getting.

becks3uk said...

Hi Val

(Hello - I'm a newbie). I bought the download - I am based in the UK too. The night it came out I couldn't get it to download so I emailed them. They came back to me right away with a new link and it worked fine. It is definitely worth a listen!


Ruby said...

I had some "issues" with getting it, too. But like Becks, I emailed them, and they kept working with me until I was able to download it. They were very nice. I tried about 8 times before it worked for me. But they kept sending me new access links until I got it to work. They also recommended that I re-boot my computer right before downloading. After I did that, it downloaded like a charm.

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