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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Greatest?

Over the last week, The Guardian newspaper has been running a supplement of The Greatest Films of All Time, with 25 films listed each day. As the days went by, and they listed category after category, one thing became clear. Stanley Kubrick was not in the Romance category. But everywhere else he got honourable mentions:

Comedy: Dr Strangelove at no. 6
Horror: The Shining at no. 6
Arthouse: A Clockwork Orange at no. 6
SciFi and Fantasy: 2001: A Space Odyssey at no. 1
Action: Full Metal Jacket at no. 19

I think, if he'd finished it at the end of part 1, he would have been further up the list.

Can I do that for you, darling?


JoJo said...

This movie definitely should have ended when Pyle killed himself. The rest of it should have been cut, or perhaps made into a second movie.

I do love The Shining though. Jack Nicholson's character is already unhinged at the beginning of the movie. He's so over the top that I just laugh and laugh and laugh. ;)

Anonymous said...

I wanna KISS that tum....and I still can't watch this, so it seems very cruel that they put all the bits I don't want to see again in the interview Vincent did on the DVD :0(

SnarkAngel said...

Great film. I appreciated both parts. Of course, Part I is still my favorite. And Vincent offered MANY "parts" to appreciate. Hee.

jazzy said...

FMJ is very intense, a movie I couldn't watch ever day. Kubrick was a talented director, I'm just sursprised that Eyes Wide Shut isn't listed; one of his best films IMO.

Music Wench said...

Love, love, love Stanley Kubrick. I love all those movies and Dr. Strangelove is my favorite movie of all time. Brilliant!

I liked part 2 but definitely found part 1 to be the better half of Full Metal Jacket.

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