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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Playing With Bobby

I'll play anything with him any time.
"Let's play 'Find The Lady'."

"There are too many ladies for me to be able to conceal them all.
Not to mention my SnarkAngel."

"Let me kiss you awake, my Sleeping Beauty."

"I have 5 good reasons for choosing Val.
I'll leave you to work them out for yourselves."

"She deserves my tongue, and I intend to give it to her."

(Is it my imagination, or can our hero make his eyes wider sideways?)


JoJo said...

I'd much rather be playing with Bobby than working!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it would be fun to 'hide' something about my person, and have Detective Goren go find it :0)

potzina said...

Good idea, Diane! I'd like to play hide-and-seek with him!
Val, your tongue picture is a wonderful gift for your V-friends. Thank you very much :D

Anonymous said...

Yes Val, that tongue pic is especially tantalizing. Super suckable.
Not to mention those fabulous index fingers of his, they certainly have talent.

mauigirl said...

I'd like Det Goren to 'hide' something in me. :D

SnarkAngel said...

Maybe he CAN make his eyes wider! Probably a trick he used in Men In Black! LOL. If ANYONE has face muscles that could do that, it would be our Vincent.

Eliza said...

Never thought about him making his eyes wider sideways, but if anyone can do it Vincent can :-)

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