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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Guard

There being something new in the garden to climb on, of course the cats have to try it out. In force. Twiglet and Beano are testing the roof of the main coop and run. Mitzi is seeing how much pressure the top of the additional run can take.

They are the new Guard of the Chicken Coop.

Mitzi's done such a good job that she has been promoted to Honorary Chicken.


Eliza said...

Mitzi looks pretty comfortable as a chicken :-D

renee said...

It looks like a great comfortable place for chickens and kittens! But if Mitzi starts laying eggs I would look into a kitty counselor!

val said...

Wouldn't that be something!

Ruby said...

Honorary chicken! That's adorable, Val! Everybody seems to be settling in very nicely. And...congratulations on your publication!! I'll be on the lookout for this issue!

SnarkAngel said...

How do the hens react to the cats?! LOL

judith said...

Same question as snarkangel.

potzina said...

Your cats don't try to eat your hens! They're adorable! Or are they vegetarians?!

val said...

The cats are wary of the hens. Don't forget, they are used to large birds - my darling Henry used to go out of his way to peck a tail, so they all knew to scoot when they saw him. Now these hens are even bigger, and the cats are such cowards!

JoJo said...

They don't go after the hens? That's awesome! Yes, I guess they would be used to having large birds sharing their space.

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