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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tough Choice

I've had to revert to my old album for this one. As the first episode screened in S3, it seems I had not yet worked out my picture proportions, and the pictures SUCK!

Anyway, here is your chance to choose which of these actors is the handsomest and the hunkiest.

Too close to call? I thought so.
It does seem, though, that his left side is his best side. Not that he has a bad side, you understand.


Anonymous said...

I just watched this ep last night.
And I thought to myself, Hot Damn can
you get any more fuckin' gorgeous?

Ruby said...

That last shot sends me into orbit, Val!!

Anonymous said...

Proportions look absolutely FINE to me Val (and Hallmark don't 'do' widescreen LOCI anyway) ;0)

JoJo said...

All of them. Except the chick. lol

a said...

Every time I see #5 I think "dammit Alex, I told you not to open the door and let him out!"

SnarkAngel said...

Gee, I always thought his best side was probably "front and CENTER!"

bobbybegood1 said...

Now, will you please do pics of his right side so we Vixens can make a proper people's choice? Cheers Val!!

Eliza said...

Love picture 4..always have :-D

Proportions look fine to me too..maybe they look a bit off to you because we've got so used to widescreen now?

potzina said...

What's the matter with proportions? I'm sorry but i was to busy to watch Vincent! Pic 4 = Slurp!

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