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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Different World Cup Video

Today I showed my home tutored student the film Young Frankenstein. For those who have not seen it, it is Mel Brooks's spoof gothic horror movie.

The character Igor was played by British comedian Marty Feldman. Marty had chameleon eyes, that made him look funny even before he did or said anything. And he really didn't need to do much to get a laugh, as this video from his TV show illustrates:

There are quite a few clips from his many TV shows on YouTube, and some from Young Frankenstein, too. Here is the scene where Dr Frankenstein wrings from him an admission that the brain he stole for the Monster was actually from someone named Abi Normal.

Marty died far too young, and had much more joy to give his public. He seems to have been almost forgotten. I'm happy to remember him here.

Thanks for all the laughs, Marty.


SnarkAngel said...

Marty was always good for a laugh a second!

Eliza said...

Thats a (welcome) blast from the past..made me laugh and it's not even 9am yet :-D

Anonymous said...

I used to love Marty, shame they don't re-run his shows instead of the purile rubbish we get now!

Frances said...

I was a great fan of Marty loved his work

potzina said...

These vids are hilarious! Thx for sharing!

JoJo said...

Does anyone remember the spoof song to "Bette Davis Eyes" that was called "Marty Feldman Eyes"? It was hilarious. As was Marty. And Young Frankenstein. I would have to assume that your students didn't 'get it' every time the horse neighed at the mention of Frau Blucher? lol

Anonymous said...

Always like Marty Feldman and what a great tribute you've given him! People might not know that he died at age 49 in Mexico...this was after he had been approached by a cartoonist who was filming nearby and dressed like a policeman. Theory has it that when he abruptly encountered Marty he startled him so greatly it gave him a heart attack...that's how he died.

val said...

Sadly, JoJo, it was my ALD student, and it's almost impossible to tell what he thinks of things. His mother loves it, and assumed he would too but...

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