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Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Change There Then

It used to be that, when I phoned my doctor's surgery for an appointment, there wouldn't be one available for days. With government targets to see every patient within 48 hours, the surgery changed its booking procedure. You had to phone in on the day. The lines opened (if you were lucky) at 8am, and because they were engaged constantly for the next 20 minutes, even if you eventually got through, there were no appointments available. Usually I found that I had to leave for work. If I then tried to phone later, I would almost get laughed off the line.

So neither system worked well. Without informing patients, however, the practice reverted to the old system. Recent experiences made me suspect this, however. So when I phoned on Wednesday to try to book an appointment for Friday, I asked if this was now possible. The receptionist was baffled. "We've never had the system here where you phone in on the day," she said. I assured her that they had. She replied, "Well not in the 6 months I've been here."

Six months! I've been a patient there for well over 30 years, and she thinks that the systems of the last 6 months are set in stone and have been in effect since the dawn of time.

The 48-hour appointment target is being scrapped by our wonderful, caring new government. As if I'm going to notice the difference. The first appointment I could get was for 7pm tomorrow. That's 6 days - while the 48-hour system still applied.

Don't know who I'm seeing but if it's Dr Quyen Nguyen:

(the only picture of one of the practice doctors I could find) I think he may get my opinion, whether he likes it or not.


Eliza said...

I have to phone up in the morning for an appointment..and if I'm lucky I may get one in the next couple of days.They won't book more than a couple of weeks in advance either, so if you need to book repeat blood tests you have to remember to phone nearer the time...bit of a problem when you have no memory like me

JoJo said...

We don't even have national health insurance and we still can't expect a same day appointment, unless it's an emergency.

Anonymous said...

I don't go to the doctors unless I think I'm dying, which is VERY rare. If I do have to go, I have to plan well in advance of my potential 'death' because it'll be at least 2 weeks before I can get an appointment and then it'll be with someone other than my own doctor who I haven't seen for years. So much for the much trumpeted, complete failure of the '48 hour' target, the love child of our target-obsessed last Government.

bobbybegood1 said...

My doctor's staff is wonderful. Appointments are very easy to get. And I don't have to wait days -- usually 1 day tops. Wow, I guess I'm lucky. This, of course, is all in relation to not having a universal health care plan in full effect, yet - which I thought the bill had passed JoJo. Cheers Val!!

bobbybegood1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
potzina said...

French hospitals are closing one after the other and doctors are all gaga! Welcome to the cemetery!

bobbybegood1 said...

Val, did you get the opportunity to visit Stonehendge(spelling ?) to see the spectacular sun rise on the first day of Summer, June 21 - the longest day of the year? I saw a clip of it on CBS Morning News here in NY. It was breathtaking.

Tess said...

I may not always get to see my doctor, (I think he only works 3 day's a week) but the clinic I go to will get me into see someone on my first try.

val said...

BBG1, you are KIDDING! There is always a massive traffic jam to get there, the people are mostly nutters who think they are druids and the Henge is their place of worship (it was constructed long before the Druidic religion came along the first time) and the number of people allowed near the stones is strictly restricted because of erosion and damage.

That said, I have touched the stones on a special supervised visit a few years back, and it was very special.

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