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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Planning the Perfect Date

Bobby has a problem.
"Has anyone seen Val?"

"This is where I last saw her."

"I made this gizmo so I can get into her house."

"I found out where she lives by looking on the internet."

"I suppose I could climb in through the bedroom window."

"Hey, look! There she is!"

"Now I have to find the perfect gift."

"Do you think she'd like an invitation to kneel between my legs?"

"I thought I'd dress up in my best uniform for our date."


potzina said...

I thought this gizmo was my IUD...But, it's my IUD! Thanks, Val, i searched it for several days! ;D

Anonymous said...

I'd leave my door open for him....

renee said...

Looks like an open invitation to me. I am off to kneepads dot com!

val said...

Too late, Renee - I already have some kneepads (for the garden, OK, nothing kinky, unfortunately).

Potzina, that must be a VERY painful IUD!

mauigirl said...

Heeeheeeheee, I LOVE it Val!!
BTW, I don't need any kneepads, I'm good to go as is!

jazzy said...

The perect date should also consist in ripping the uniform off his ooooh so hot body.

Great post, Val!

SnarkAngel said...

It should be illegal for that man to spread his legs like that ... but I'm glad it isn't!!!!!

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