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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ignore me at your peril

Let's face it, our faithful attention maximised the impact of the Hallmark Channel UK's contest to find the top L&O detective. Vincent even knows he won it (but that is someone else's story).

As they are repeating SVU from the beginning, I suggested that they might like to do the same for LOCI, especially the G/E episodes.

They ignored my email.

I sent another, repeating my suggestion, and stating my disappointment that they had not replied.

They ignored my email.

I sent a third, telling them that if they ignored me this time, I would not even bother to watch any further episodes, but would play my own copies to coincide. Neither would I watch anything on the channel ever again. I might even start to notify their advertisers of how they treat the viewers, and mention it on my much-read blog.

They were so scared - they ignored me.

Well, Hallmark, guess what? You need me a lot more than I need you. What is more, I call on all UK Vixens to bombard the channel with emails proposing the same idea of starting LOCI from One, and expressing your disgust at the way they ignore, and therefore alienate, loyal viewers.

Just go to and click on Contact Us.

I'll be sending them the link to this post.

If you can't beat them - FUCK THEM!


Anonymous said...

This post makes me think you're secretly a mob boss...and now I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

You Go Girl!!!

sixtwosue said...

Sic your hens on 'em. Or better yet, send them a box of hen droppings if they don't cooperate.

SnarkAngel said...

So ... you have moronic network executives in the U.K., too, hey?

Ruby said...

You could always send them your potting bench and storage box to try to put together! THAT ought to sufficiently frustrate them! (No wonder Vincent got out of the network bureaucracy!)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget love, Hallmark is affiliated to NBC/USA, which is why they - hilariously! - included 'The Insect' in their 'Top Detective poll' after he'd been in all of 8 episodes! Clearly Hallmark UK is run by clones of the dicks that run it in the States!

Anonymous said...

Go get 'em, Val!

JoJo said...

POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! *pumping fist in solidarity*

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