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Sunday, May 30, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Or even a few hours. And in some cases a few minutes.
Last night I made arrangements to collect the three remaining hens from the last rescue. They were kept behind because they had bruises and broken wings, and needed to recuperate in expert hands.
This morning, I carefully prepared the coop and run. First I covered the ground in chipped bark, then added two different kinds of wood chips (not quite sawdust). I put out some special feed for ex-battery hens to feed them up, filled a water container, put out a dish of grit and one of kitchen scraps. Then I scattered some corn around on the floor. In the nest box I put some straw.

I then got excitedly into my car and went the twenty minutes or so to the house of the woman who was caring for them.

They are in a sorry state, but it's already possible to see how much they must have improved. They are beginning to feather up, and are gaining movement in their wings as they mend. Apparently they couldn't even walk when they arrived, and didn't know how to forage, or even to cluck. The bruises are all but gone, and no longer seem to be causing pain.

So we gathered up Rosie, Poppy and Daisy and I brought them home. Within a few seconds, the pristine chicken run had been transformed into a jumble of bark, chips, food and grit as they kicked everything everywhere and foraged through it. Meanwhile, the water pot had filled with sawdust and I doubted the girls would ever find the water underneath.

I've been out here with them all afternoon, and the biggest excitement came when I found that some worms had invaded the bag of compost I opened to plant up my tomatoes. One by one, I fed them to the hens, and they were ecstatic. They are still rummageing around now hoping to find some more.


Anonymous said...

Awwww, I am SO happy for you, and happier that Rosie, Poppy and Daisy have found a good home. You did an amazing job with the coop too!

judith said...

Sounds like they are having fun!! What lucky 'girls' they are.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, Val. That's fantastic. The coop looks great. Your going to have to come up with an appropriate name for there new little home, and post it above the door.

Anonymous said...

5* luxury!

ann said...

this is so ab brill and so *in* now ---- quite a number of my friends are doing this and it's at the chelsea flower show too

i bet their eggs will be wonderful

i would love to, but not sure when i move the other residents will appreciate it in our communal garden

sixtwosue said...

This is going to be so much fun for you (except cleaning the coop, of course)!

Eliza said...

I'm so pleased you finally got them..they have a lovely life to look forward to now..and we're going to want updates :-)

Sandy said...

Oh yes, Val, cleaning the coop. How I remember those days on the farm, haha. Will you be getting eggs from them? I guess I thought they were done laying. Anyway, congratulations on your new venture. Good luck!

SnarkAngel said...

Bless you, Val, for taking these hens in and giving them a new home and a life worth living. So glad to know all your hard work and efforts were worth it in the end. XOXOXO

potzina said...

Good news! I'm happy for you. These little hens are lucky to be with you.

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