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Sunday, May 30, 2010

An Embarrassment of Riches

Oh-oh! He's doing the dip, Mr, you must be the perp.

Bobby concentrates on looking through the peep-hole as Val takes a shower.
Just come in and join me!

One or two reasons why I like this picture, can't remember them now...

Is that all for me?

He's touching her! Unfair!
Love his back, though.

Passed by a lot of groin pictures, but couldn't pass this one by.


judith said...

'He's touching her' You are right it is unfair because it should have been me.

Anonymous said...

I love that cap with the sunglasses. Hello Baby!

Anonymous said...

I think Detective Bishop quite enjoyed being 'touched' by him; she certainly sat closer to him than Eames ever did!

Eliza said...

The shades..and the pipe...perfect :-D

SnarkAngel said...

Yes, Val ... invite him in to shower with you ... AFTER he cleans the hen coop! LOL

potzina said...

I love this eppy because Bobby is so angry about the perp! Yummy!

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