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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


This is one creepy episode.

Look at me with those beautiful brown eyes.

I mean, the hands and wrists are gorgeous enough,
without our being reminded how LONG that middle finger is
and where we'd like him to put it...

There's that wrist again.

Don't frown, sweetie.

Smile, that's better.

Hands pale and perfect.
Oh, sorry, wrong episode.

Drink to me only with thine eyes.

Pretty profile.

He's about to wink at me.



Anonymous said...

I still can't believe they're intending to release Season 4 in the UK AFTER Christmas! I wonder how much someone gets paid to come up with such a majestically stupid idea??!!

jazzy said...

cap#1 Those eyes are amazing - as if he wanted to put a spell on you. Of course, he already did so.

Tess said...

I was having a calm afternoon until you mentioned his middle finger ;)

JoJo said...

I was going to make a middle finger comment as well, but Tess beat me to it. Great minds think alike. ;p

SnarkAngel said...

OMG! That profile shot is truly outstanding. Of course, they're all beautiful. But that one felt like an arrow hitting my heart!

fuzzytweetie said...

Oy......those caps.

After Christmas? The marketing group better look at the calendar and plan better. Just think of the money they're missing out on. Idiots. Seems like every one involved WANTS LOCI to fold.

Eliza said...

Took me a minute to remember this was the last shot of him leaning against the desk that did it :-D

PurpleVixen7 said...

Vincent/Bobby is sure a exstasisie..mmmmmmm..fingers wrists..what I love so much and those sweet "sad puppy" eyes..eeeehhh..the thing those fingers can do on a women's body*evil grin..gigle*!!;)))

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