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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I'm pretty sure this episode was made well before poor Vincent collapsed from exhaustion - he looks fresh and luscious.

One raised eyebrow or two, it suits him so well.

So much to love.

SO much to love.

So MUCH to love.

So much to LOVE.

Gimme some of that stubble burn, baby.

This one's a bit blurred, but I love it anyway.

"You're going down." On you, sweetie?

Just love those crisp curls.

Just the one eyebrow this time. SOOOO sexy.

I thought you might like another look at this pantie-wetter.


SnarkAngel said...

I have made the drastic mistake of watching this "pantie-wetter" while still at work ... how am I going to explain what happened to the desk chair?!?! Maybe I can hurry and switch it while noone is looking! LOL

Laura said...

I love him in these scenes (photobucket)...I love that episode
'gold fever'...also the other photos are very wonderful....divine man!!! (God forgive me!)

JoJo said...

God I love it when he swings his weight around. lol

SnarkAngel you are just too funny. LMAO

jazzy said...

Try this, Snark: Get a large milk shake and pour it over the chair. Then swear loud about McDonalds and their cheap plastic mugs.

Great caps, Val! Very inspiring!

SnarkAngel said...

Jazzy, once again you are my savior! LOL

jazzy said...

my pleasure. LOL!

fuzzytweetie said...

Stupid grin......wobble.....thud.....

Now you know why I don't wear panties, tee hee!!!

Eliza said...

I think your slideshow has just made my day a lot brighter :-D

Diane said...

Ah, the joy of having Vincent banging...things together ;0)

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