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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Physical Therapy

I wouldn't want that squitty little massage therapist anywhere near me, but Bobby can smash me with his weights any time.



I just want to nibble that little overhanging flap of neck, please.

That's a very flirty look, Bobby.
But that's a guy!

"It's downhill all the way, now."

"Why does the camera in the photo booth always flash
just at the moment you look away?"

"Nearly got it! Damn, missed again."

I just love that wayward curl.

What a generous offering of neck for kissing.

"You're going DOWN!"
On you, please, Bobby.

What a lovely, deep, brain-filled brow.


SnarkAngel said...

Yes, Val ... I think our dear Bobby is as adept at flirting with guys as he is with the female species. Well ... when the moment calls for it, of course. And trust me ... I could create QUITE the moment! LOL!

JoJo said...

I love the pointing finger pic!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eames has the greatest expression in the Groin pic.

I'm trying to find something to do so I don't go crazy with waiting for the election results.

ann said...

mmmmm... going to bed now with Bobby going down on my mind... oh boy another hot night

Music Wench said...

I love that blue shirt! He looks absolutely fine in this! Of course he looks absolutely fine in nothing, too. ;-)

Tess said...

Bobby can get physical with me anytime :)

Lozzie Cap said...

"Brain-filled brow" ... that makes me giggle.

Eliza said...

I do love the way his tie always draws the eye...just in case we didn't notice LOL

Anonymous said...

He has the most suckable....finger (among other things!)

silly for Vincent said...

Bobby has lot's of space to explore!!!;)))
Brainy teddy bear...need to ask more!!!;)))

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