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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

In The Dark with Vincent

If only.

This is another episode I find uncomfortable. Doesn't stop me, of course...

"Oh, Doctor, PLEASE let me perform the autopsy!"

"They don't call me Golden Balls for nothing."

Bobby in the dark.

An early example of the Cheek Chew, and a very endearing curl. My guess is this shot was done at another time, when his hair was growing for Welles, before he did Want.

"Man, I can hardly see past your gut."

"They bought me the wrong size jacket again."

No comment.

That's right, Bobby, pucker up and give us a kiss.

Even less comment!


"Er...Not sure what you're getting at."

OK, then sweetheart, thrice!

A shady character.

No comment four times.

Sad pennies dropping.


A happy happenstance.


Anonymous said...

In the "No Comment Twice" one (how else am I going to refer to it?), it looks like the guy in the black shirt is going to do a nice little twirl like a ballerina.

I had to laugh at the golden balls. Even though he's only holding one (though it is rather big).

I think I would leave the room if Bobby did the autopsy. It makes me nauseous just thinking about it.

Music Wench said...

There's that blue shirt again. It just makes me melt! I love that blue shirt on him.

Creepy episode but Bobby made it all better. :-)

Ginie1357 said...

The last picture!!!! All in one!!!!
The eyes, the lips, the nose and Size 13...........
I'm uncomfortable to with this episode it's about his hair it's like some magic tricks his hair are longer and shorter between scene it's weird!

SnarkAngel said...

I found this episode quite fascinating, and NOT JUST because Bobby was so HOT in it, although I am sure that helped. Mucho python. And like MusicWench, I am a SUCKER for the "blue shirt." Damn, he's fine! Thanks, Val, for giving me even MORE to celebrate today! XXOO

Anonymous said...

I believe his other 'golden ball' is equally large and just out of picture....

JoJo said...

Oh that last pic is amazing!!!

Tricia972 said...

All I can say is HOLY CRAP he's HOT in this episode!! I love the "Bobby in the dark" pic. When he wrinkles up his forehead like that...MAN what I wouldn't give!!
It seems to me he's in the best physical shape in the beginning of season 4 then in any other season, does anyone know why?

ann said...

val, I just so love your captions to the caps... keep 'em rolling

fuzzytweetie said...

That "endearing curl".......I wonder what the "other" curls look like?! (blushing and sneaking away....I'm a naughty, NAUGHTY girl). Or, as my husband puts it, "Do the drapes match the carpet?" nudge, nudge, wink, wink

jazzy said...

golden balls in the dark - what more do i need?!

silly for Vincent said...

You Val..know how to tell a story about Bobby!!';)))

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