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Saturday, November 08, 2008


This is the first time I've posted Magnificat, 'cos I don't much like the episode, and therefore I only just capped it. The husband is so obnoxious I just want to thump him, and I know that just means it's well acted, but even so.

I also think the sentence from the plea bargain is far too harsh for a woman with post-partem depression. It brings me to tears every time.

"I'm travelling incognito."

"Why don't these people let me rest my folder on the desk,
then I wouldn't have to send the Vixens crazy by crossing my leg like this?"

"See, I can fit inside. Just."

See what you do to your shoes by all that crouching down, Bobby?

As if the hands in the pockets were not enough...

...he then has to give us a glimpse of his tubby tum.

Oh, those arms...

...and those curls.

Emotion in every pore.

"Now THAT'S affect."


judith said...

i know what you mean about that episode.i suffered very badly from post-natal depression after the boys were born. i really felt for the mum and how awful the illness is.x

Tess said...

I always remember Kate Erbe saying this episode was so tough to film because of the storyline, and because Vincent was so ill :(

jazzy said...

shades, belly and curls... heavenly.
one can't see that he was ill, he just looked great as always.

Music Wench said...

It was a very emotional episode. One of my favorites, none-the-less. I wanted to strangle the father, too. What a horrible man.

ann said...

that poor woman needed help and they put her away... call that a justice system... I don't think so

this episode was horrendously painful on so many levels and not one I care to watch too often

even so, Val, your caps and captions are great as always

fuzzytweetie said...

Even ill I'd take him......WOOF

SnarkAngel said...

Yes, this was a gut-wrenching episode ... but as painful as it is, I give the eppy a big thumbs up: because not every story has a happy or "just" ending ... a hard and bitter pill to swallow. That is the "art" of this episode, as opposed to the "entertainment." Television, when it is at its best, is both.

Lozzie Cap said...

I used this episode as the starting off point for one of the best fics I've ever written (sorry to bang my own drum, but I'm very proud of it)

Anonymous said...

I love his tum - it's part of him! Not an episode I seek out to watch tho'....

Anonymous said...

In that last picture, after reading your caption, I fully expected Bobby to stick his tongue out.

I LOVE the curls.

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