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Monday, November 03, 2008

No Blondes Please, We're Bobby Fans

Grr! Another incomplete album. I'm a miserable failure.

How can he get down so low from such a high start?

"You Vixens really must start taking my acting seriously.
I am NOT a sex object!"

"On the other hand, this print-out from the V-blogs is pretty funny."

"Hey, that Lozzie's a bit near the knuckle, though."

"Is it a Venetian blind for a dolls house?"

"I have to smile as much as I can, 'cos I know some real bad stuff is about to happen."

"Firstly, someone put a coat hanger in my jacket WHILE I WAS WEARING IT
and now I'm looking a bit hung up."

"Then Eames made me sit in the interview and hold my peace."

"Finally Val said The Reel Vincent D'Onofrio had defected to any old nobody
that took their fancy."

Not over here, baby. WE only love YOU!


Lozzie Cap said...


~Lozzie's world is shattered into a million tiny pieces of incomprehension~

Naaah, only kidding.

We want a Gala Dinner to honour Vincent D'Onofrio's contribution to ... EVERYTHING!!

ann said...

val your caps crack me up... and in that last photo Vicent is super-duper fantabulously delish

ann said...

I meant to say captions... ooooops, sorry! The caps are awesome

judith said...

how right you are. we do LOVE ONLY VINCENT!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting very tired of thereelanyoneatallevenremoteltyconnectedtoLOCIuptoand includingthecrewofSVU.

Lovely cpas Val, reminding us, not that we need it, of who our 'daddy' is ;0)

fuzzytweetie said...

I totally agree, he's not just a sex object......HE'S THEEEEE SEX OBJECT THAT ALL OTHERS ARE COMPARED TO!!!

Pauline said...

Great pics as always Val, I see you haven't lost your touch or become any less devoted to the man during my absence.

btw...I'm back, let the mayhem begin, or at least continue from where it left off!

SnarkAngel said...

The "quintessential" sex object ... I think that's more appropriate ... heh-heh. And yeah .... what the f*$k is up with The Reel lately? Anything and everything, including the kitchen sink. I had no idea it was becoming an "SVU" board.

Music Wench said...

Love the coat hanger photo. LOL Great way to put a smile on my face.
Anything with Bobby puts a smile on my face. :-)

JoJo said...

Due to time constraints I jettisoned The Reel quite awhile ago. It never had the same homey feel as the Vincent blogs I've come to know and love, and sometimes seemed to get trolly.

But what does it mean, "lozzie is a bit near the knuckle"?

Lozzie Cap said...

I dread to think, JoJo


(no seriously - it is a British phrase that means one is ... um, too close for comfort; sailing too close to the wind; a bit near to the bone; treading on dangerous ground; maybe going too far ... something like that.)

silly for Vincent said...

It is not humanly possible not to love Vincent!!!
ALL THE WOMEN,I mean women which haw seen him,and his enormous talent...LOVEEE HIM AND ADORE HIM!!!
!!!ONLY HIM!!!

Eliza said...

Have to say the Lozzie caption made me smile :-)

As long as there are no pics of SWMNBN I don't view it as a failure..more a spectacular success!!

BASRIC said...

I'm orking too much and each morning you let me go to bed and sleep with a smile for your captions and a bit of lust for their caps. thanks

val said...

In particular, JoJo - and just so you know, Lozzie - I was referring to Lozzie's tendency to get a bit riskily close to naughtiness.

It's why she entertains us so well :)

JoJo said...

Gotcha. Love you Brits and your slang!! :D

jazzy said...

see, this is why i read val's blog but not thereel!
nothing but bobby on here

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