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Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Vincent in Blue Jeans

"Then" rather than "now". I would have added some "now" pictures, but I'm running VERY late.

I not only want to touch his hand, now I want to BE his hand!


Anonymous said...

It would be a tragedy if his hand should be scratched, or in some way, damaged, by being in close contact with his zipper. Therefore, if he has any unzipping/tucking-in requirements, I'm happy to warm my hands before attending to the'in hand' ;0)

Madi said...

Yay, I made it to the comments bit!
Wow, those jeans are just so great on him, mmmmmmm.....

Eliza said...

Don't know about being his hand..I'd quite like to be wrestling on the bed with him :-D

Music Wench said...

I also would love wrestling with him in bed. Jeans look so much better on him.

SnarkAngel said...

And can you imagine what even greater "definition" we might be privy to if those jeans were any tighter?!?!

jazzy said...

shower time, sweeties!

Lozzie Cap said...

I'll go in after you Jazzy. God, I get so messy being a VDO fan.

silly for Vincent said...

Need to breath...need air...THUDDD...DROOLLLLLL!!!!!!!
That hand...;)))

ann said...

I'm now singing that darn song ;>)
... showing my age!

In jeans, out of jeans, I have
no preference as long as it's

Axe said...

The jeans.....whats IN the jeans....ooohhhhh.....its all good to me ;-)
I agree with Di. I'd be a great "hand-jobber" for him!

JoJo said...


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