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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Out Of Order

OK, I 'fess up. The Good Child is another episode I haven't yet capped (there are a lot in Season 4, mea culpa) so to celebrate UK TV finally showing ITWSH all in one evening - albeit separated by the end credits of Part One and the start of Part Two - here is a slidshow I amde earlier.


ann said...

I did stay in to watch it and he left me in goosiebumps and gasping for air - IMHO he is at his most uber-handsome in this epi - I was wriggling and writhing and quivering and shivering and squirming and worming like I had ants in my pants or sensing his hands down there and getting hotter and hotter and stripping off as the prog moved on - he was fun, he was glum and he was so darned hot and that scene in the court room moves me every time ::sigh::

SnarkAngel said...

I still adore this episode ... so many different layers and sub plots. Vincent was truly "hot" in season 5; it was the beginning of his "beefing up" phase. LOL. There were so many moving moments in this two-parter. Besides Eames' testimony and Bobby's reaction to it, I was particularly moved by the reactions of the two mothers of the two dead girls. Great caps, Val!

JoJo said...

At least you guys still get reruns of LOCI. I cannot stand the USA channel lineup. I know I'm like the only person in America that cannot stand "House" but I just do not like that character. I dislike "Monk", "NCIS" and "Psych".

Music Wench said...

I love this episode. Probably right up there with my all time favorites. :-)

fuzzytweetie said...

HEAVY, HEAVY sigh......

It's like USA is trying to ignore the fact that LOCI even exists.

Anonymous said...

I'm possibly the only person in the UK who can't stand 'House' either Jojo. Worse still, I've never seen one, but even the trailers annoy me!

ITWSH will ALWAYS be a favourite episode of mine. Nothing to do with Bobby trying to work out how Hot Tub Harry had sex of course...although I LOVE hearing him say the word *sighs*

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