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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Bobby, will you STOP picking your fingers like that! You'll make those lovely digits bleed.
(Ah, but then I'd have to suck them and kiss them better. Carry on!)

There's that lovely manly profile again. Look at the strength of that chin.

"Hey! Who touched me under the table?"

"It was Val again? Damn!"

"All right, all right, I admit it. I enjoyed it."
(Why is he smiling so at that incredibly blowsy-looking woman?)

Perfectly handsome. And perfect. And Handsome.

Such expressive eyes. All acting.
How could you ever believe a word he said?
Don't care, just want the opportunity to try...


Anonymous said...

'Beast' is another favourite episode of mine. I'm beginning to worry about me....

Lovely caps Val, and even lovelier Vincent!

BASRIC said...

Those eyes, that smile and quit touching him under the table! Isn't it enough to just look at him?

Music Wench said...

Love the profile! Well, love all of him but that profile! Such perfection. *sigh*

Rosemary said...

Wonderful pictures Val, love your comments,love those eyelashes, and everything else about THE MAN. Rosey

ann said...

as always... great caps/great captions

he'd have to be a pretty darn brill actor to make google eyes at me and look like he means it - still I'm willing to let him try

p.s. I posted and now I'm up late and it's all your fault :lol:

SnarkAngel said...

I'll consider this my "second" dessert of the day, as opposed to another piece of pie ...

jazzy said...

Bobby, my Beast of Burden!
(i wish)

Eliza said...

You ONLY touched him under the table...what a waste of an oppurtunity :-D

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