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Friday, November 28, 2008

Far Out

Another new addition to my caps collection. This is an episode I found particularly disturbing.

Bobby watches with concern as the Hallmark symbol jabs Alex in the eye.

He tries not to fall asleep listening to Captain Deakins going on about his Bell's Palsy.

Spread 'em, Bobby!

Sulks: "I'm nothing but a sex object to you Vixens."

Alex to website owner: "You can go and do your little dance in hell now."
Bobby looks like he approves.

Towering Inferno.
He's big. He's hot.

Bobby uses his coat to hide his erection, brought on by thinking about his adoring fans.

Smiles: "That was a close thing."

Bobby spreads 'em again, with his tie pointing to The Spot.

"What have the Vixens put on this card?"

"I don't hink I want to know."

"Wardrobe, could someone come and fix my tiepin, please?"

"That's better."

"So this Vixen tied up the wardrobe lady just so she could get to straighten my tiepin!"


Music Wench said...

That logo really is in an awful spot. I mean the lower part of the screen is better because then it wouldn't end up on their foreheads, etc. Oh wait, then it might cover up...ah crap. They're awful no matter where they end up!

However, Bobby always looks mighty fine. :-)

Eliza said...

I hate all the various logos on my screencaps..thats why we need the missing seasons on dvd...even if it does mean watching them all over again as I recap..the things we do for blogland :-)

This was weird episode...I never really got any of it completely straight in my head.

Anonymous said...

I think that the Hallmark logo is absolutely the WORST, just because it's SO at the top of the screen, 'The Tall One' spends a LOT of time wearing it. I'm ready to recap the official releases of Seasons 4,5,6,7...just gimme,gimme,gimme!

Kimberly said...

Lovely caps...and I love your captions. Every day I come here, there is something new to make me smile.
Thank you.


SnarkAngel said...

I sympathize with Bobby and his crooked tie bars. Whenever I wear a tie bar, the same thing happens. Very disconcerting. I stick with tie tacks now. LOL

ann said...

one of my least fav epis but not when you spice it up with your words Val

jazzy said...

knowing what's going on under his coat, while he's thinking of us, i just can say: take that coat away!

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