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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm in Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a high state of mental being, mystical in nature, and I find myself there every day. Note to this man Boyce - I don't have to give away my organs to achieve it. I just look at pictures of Bobby.

Bobby plays "Find the Lady" with the grieving husband.

Don't look at me like that, I didn't mean any disrespect.

"I don't get it. And I'm supposed to understand everything."

"I'm not a genius after all."

Eames tries unsuccessfully to measure up to Goren.

"So you can read hands? Tell me my fortune."
You will be beloved of millions of women for many years to come.
"Did you have to lick my hand to see that?"
No, that's just for my own pleasure.

"Well it tickles."
I can tickle you somewhere else if you prefer...

Like on that delicious neck. Licky, licky, slurp.

That dark suit is hiding a multitude of sins.
And frustrating a multitude of sinful thoughts.

I spoke to my cousin on the phone today. She had a very bad chest infection.
As soon as I put the phone down, I started sneezing. How is that possible?
I woke up to snow this morning. Well, a light powder with snow-like properties. It almost settled.


Lozzie Cap said...

These are your best picture captions yet - absolutely brilliant. Thank you!!

fenwayspal said...

and i'm very tickel-ish; i tend to avoid being tickeled. but in this case, i'd not only make an exception, I'D LIKE TO RETURN THE FAVOR!!

judith said...

nice caps. val. thanks for sharing.x

Music Wench said...

Lovely caps as always.

We've been having snow but none of it has stayed around long.

Anonymous said...

Cool new header too!

Yes, I woke up to what passes for snow in the UK too. By the time I actually GOT up, it had mostly gone.

Tricia972 said...

I'm thinking of all you poor people over there freezing in the UK while I'm here in sunny Florida :)

LOVE the caps today Val! Is there a hotter man ANYWHERE on Earth?

Anonymous said...

Ah! You've changed the top bar of Vince pictures! Nice!

SnarkAngel said...

Love the new banner, Val! Love these captions, too. I'd tell you where I would like to tickle Vincent, but I won't be that graphic in mixed company!

BASRIC said...

Most amusing as usual. You are my pick me up each day. thanks

Eliza said...

I could tickle him too...but being so short I could only tickle him up to nipple you think he'd mind??

Love the new header Val,especially the bottle pic :-)

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