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Monday, October 20, 2008

My Kind of Medicine

I found the storyline very unpleasant and upsetting in Mis-Labeled. Not much to laugh at. Still, I can try to find lighthearted pictures.
"Look, those Vixens have done another Python post."

"Anyone would think that's the only part of me they ever notice."

"Eames, did you just say you agree with them?"

"Mr Carver, do you think this pose will focus their attention on my front upper body...

...and this one on my back?"

Move that bag! Move that bag!

"Foiled you! No Goren Groin shots in this episode!"


Goddessdster said...

No daily dose of the python. Shame!

judith said...

maybe groin tomorrow? hope so.

Anonymous said...

Now remember, if it was 'Christmas' every day, we'd all stop 'appreciating' it!

JoJo said...


Tess said...

Maybe the python was feeling shy ;)

SnarkAngel said...

A python a day keeps the medicine away!

ann said...

p'haps he finds us too much to handle

Music Wench said...

Now that's not playing nice, Bobby. We love all of you. It's just the python is more of a challenge as you can't go waving it around in public like you can your lovely hands. ;-)

fuzzytweetie said...

I WANT "Christmas" every day! :)

silly for Vincent said...


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