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Friday, October 24, 2008

Holier Than Thou

I find the LOCI episodes where they deal with religion uncomfortable. It's a sad reminder of how catastrophic an influence religion has had on people, from throwing the Christians to the lions, to the Spanish Inquisition, to the troubles in Northern Ireland, to every present day conflict where one religion tries to assert itself as the one true religion and denounce all others as heretic.

Anyway, it seems to figure often in all the L&O programmes, and they are always the last LOCI episodes I cap. This is why I didn't post this one yesterday - I had no pictures!

"I could have told them it was a forgery right away...

...Look at those apostrophes -you don't have them in the possessive.
Its, not it's. And she a published poet? I don't think so."

The raised eyebrow seems to indicate some cleverness about to be uttered.
Don't know what the blue hair means - weird lighting, maybe?

Is it the chair or the desk or both that mean he has to slouch like this?
GIVE HIM BIGGER ONES! We don't want him to get a bad back or indigestion.

Is it the wrist? Is it the hand? Is it the profile?

"Listen - do you want to know a secret?"

Eye, eye.

Praying for inspiration, Bobby?

Could I just move that little curl and kiss the bit of neck behind your ear?

Is it the hand? Is it the wrist...

He's even great with the elderly, not just kids.
Lucky woman.

I know what I would do if he was this close to me.


judith said...

great caps. val.x

silly for Vincent said...

Prfect profile...lovely longgg fingers...adorable wrists...kissable neck...I say again-MAGIC SILVERISH HAIR!!!

JoJo said...

It's the whole package Val. Key word being "package" of course.

Stephen Colbert was really good in this episode. And the woman that played his mom was in "East of Eden" with James Dean...she was one of the gals in his mother's house of il repute in Monterey.

Anonymous said...

It was quite a strange episode. I gather there was even a plot, although naturally, I was too busy taking in his hands (oh, to be taken in HIS hands), wrists, nose, other words, a 'usual' LOCI episode for me ;0)

SnarkAngel said...

Colbert was fantastic in this episode, as was the woman who played his mother. And I think the storylines dealing with religion are interesting; the writers always seem to emphasize the negative impacts of religion, but in a subtle way. Vincent's hair seems to be a delicious mix of blue AND PURPLE in many of these caps ... yeah, must be the lighting ... or he let his hair stylist go absolutely mad with a color experiement. LOL. Doesn't matter though. He's just as irresistably gorgeous. SLURP!!!

Music Wench said...

I was also very impressed by Stephen Colbert in this episode.

Loved the caps. Vincent is just gorgeous, as always. :)

Drowsey Monkey said...

I think Colbert is a better actor than comedian, but that's just me.

Vincent is hot in this episode. Well...hotter than normal.

Eliza said...

I guess it shows the usa/uk split in that I didn't even know who Colbert was until someone told me last year :-)

I couldn't choose between,hand,wrist,neck,etc,etc,so I guess it's the whole package here too (not that that will come as a surprise LOL)

Lozzie Cap said...

i thought this was a significant episode not just for Bobby's wrists/hands/neck/hair etc, but also because he recognised that the old woman was behaving in a way that was consistent with someone suffering from bi-polar depression.

Which is a kind of set-up for Goren's family 'stuff' later in seasons 6 and 7.

The religious ones disturb me too, Val. The more I think about it the more I conclude that religion is just a human construct, not a divine one; one that is specifically engineered to subjugate or alienate others.

Tricia972 said...

Hi All

OK I hate to sound stupid, remember I'm a pretty new Vixen, but what episode is this???
Also, you're right about the hands and wrists, that's what first drew me to him.

val said...

Nothing stupid in it, Tricia, we all forget episodes more often than we let on. This is The Saint from Season 3.

Tricia972 said...

Thanks Val!

I haven't seen any episodes from season 3 yet. But I'm bidding on the DVDs on ebay, cross your fingers for me :)

BASRIC said...

Nice choice of caps ... he looks glorious as usual. An must agree with you on the religion point.

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