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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'd kill the parents

It's not as if killing the musician solved any of Camilla's problems.

From this distance, if I thrust my boobs at Bobby like this,
they'd knock him over.
Then I could jump on top of him :)

A double thumbs up. (Up where?)

Decisions, decisions.
OK, I'll keep them both in.

Do you think they give him shirts that are short in the sleeve on purpose?

Hey, Bobby, give us a tongue-lashing.

The sexiest neck in all creation.

Air guitar.
Pluck my strings, Bobby.

There's that neck again.

And after the tongue-lashing - the lash-lashing.


Anonymous said...

He is, quite simply, beautiful, body and soul.

I won't point out that I can't even make my eyelashes curl like that, even with one of those evil eyelash-curling pieces of equipment.

SnarkAngel said...

God! He looks EXTRA Hump-A-Licious in those interrogation room caps!

Music Wench said... that neck. There really isn't anything about this man that isn't sexy.

Drowsey Monkey said...

I heard him in an interview somewhere on line ...where he really does play guitar. I thought that was interesting.

And you're right about his neck..damn.

silly for Vincent said...

That stupid woman..of course yours are biger Val...I don't care where Bobby puts his thumbs on me!!;)))I don't think so they give him shirts with short sleevs Val;he just has very long arms,and very unicly hapends to me a lot,too!!
I don't know what to kiss first...neck,nose or the lips!!;)))

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