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Monday, October 27, 2008


Bobby's back. Align Centre
It's gorgeous. Like the rest of him.

His stubble, for instance.

I'd like to smooth out those wrinkles, please.

Oooh, Bobby looks cross.

Such a sweet expression.

Hands, groin and boomps-a-daisy.

I challenge anyone to name a person, a photo of whose back we would drool over.

Even his little finger is HUGE.

My turn!

I NEVER noticed this striped shirt before.

Poor baby has an injury on his lovely thumb.

A shady character.

I just love that profile.

Woohoo! My turn again!

Yesss, shout at me, wag that finger at me.


aprilspring said...

All the photos you endear to us are just awesome. The man is so breath-taking, I can't decide which part of his body I love more. Each one is more delicious than the next part. Keep them coming.

Forgive me for not responding. I do lurk often, justnever have the time to response.

Thanks again.

judith said...

yes val. 10 more days and BOBBY IS BACK!! lovely caps.x

SnarkAngel said...

My God! I think one of these caps is my NEW FAVORITE! The one you captioned "such a sweet expression" just about gave me cause for a whiff of the vapors! LOL! That could definitely be a new wallpaper for my computer!

Kimberly said...

Ahhh such a handsome man...~~drools~~

JoJo said...

OMG I have shivers going up and down my spine. HOT STUFF!!!!

Eliza said...

I love the striped shirt..and the slightly loosened tie...mmmmm

Drowsey Monkey said...

Yeah I remember that striped shirt, he doesn't wear one very often, that might have been the only time.

This episode was a weird one tho. Sometimes the story line kinda loses my interest, lol.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how those of either gender don't just launch themselves across the interview room table at him and their lock lips with his *sighs*

Anonymous said...

Er....I MEANT 'lock their lips with his'. See, even the thought of doing that fries what's left of my brain cell ;0)

silly for Vincent said...

Perfect profile...perfect cute button nose...DUH!!
Not to start about his back,miles/km longgg!!!Well YEA Val even his pinky is HUGE nad LONGGG!!!I would kiss every boo-bo Bobby has!!

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