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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Definitely NOT Bobby

With his goatee, his deliciously tubby tum, and his hot boy kissing, he is far removed from our Bobby, but with USA playing silly b*******s we may have to rely on older stuff for a while longer. So here's some Tony Randazzo to be going on with.


JoJo said...


Yeah I'm just slightly annoyed at USA. More than slightly. More like, extremely.

Anonymous said...

I'm so mad with USA at the moment, I can barely function without wanting to shout the word "?@!*" at the top of my voice!

A fun but strange little movie. Another one to add to my 'still to cap' list too ;0)

SnarkAngel said...

As a gay man, I found "Tony" to be not only INCREDIBLY SEXY, but a rather quirky hero, as well. If only ALL Chicago cops were this cute and this heroic. LOL. I doooooooooooo love his tum. Hee.

Music Wench said...

Nothing like hot Vincent to make me feel better. I'm still mad as hell at USA. Idiots.

fuzzytweetie said...

I love when he messes with the kid's mind. However, USA, this treatment is unacceptable, IMHO.

Eliza said...

Another fun little film I wouldn't have seen if it hadn't been a V film..but I can say that about any film I own really :-)

I thoroughly enjoy watching Tony mess with the boys mind..quite enjoy his interaction with his mother too

Tricia972 said...

Ah, yet another VDO film I haven't seen and can't find! How annoying!

I think I'm in the worst mood of my life, how can they just postpone CI like that?!?!?!? Don't they realize they're messing with our lives here? I hope nothing's wrong! Did anyone hear why they have done this horrible thing?

SnarkAngel said...

I still haven't heard a "why," Tricia. Who knows if we'll ever actually get one.

silly for Vincent said...

THAT USA!!What a draag!!
Not Bobby...but a veryyy hot and sexy crazy bad as*!!Only Vincent can do that!!!WOOF!!!

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