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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Winter's Clothing

Not to mention Bobby's.

Among other things...

My dream situation - Bobby in the dark pointing his weapon at me.

We can have a competition to decide who's going to be the hands,
but I'm the tie!

"Will this do for a sexy look?"

Is he perfect or what?

I love his ickle nose!

"Are you being patronising Val?"
Yes, Bobby, punish me, please.

"Mmmm. Let me think about that."

Two hearts that beat as one.
And a hand to dream about.

Bobby, brown and navy just don't go together.
Except on you.

OK, maybe I want to be the hands after all.

"You're going down, Val. You just don't respect the long arm of the law."
Trust me, Bobby, I respect the long EVERYTHING when the law is you.


Lozzie Cap said...

"You're going down, Val,"

Uh - yeah, so what? You complaining, Goren???

Anonymous said...

Lozzie stole my thought....

Wish List item number: 8,927.5; to be his badge, when clipped to his waist * sighs*

silly for Vincent said...

Aresst me Bobby..I have been a veryyy bad girl,just blike Val!!;)))

SnarkAngel said...

... his "ickle" of a nose ... Ha! I love that!

Drowsey Monkey said...

his nose is cute...for such a big man.

I liked him in is episode.

JoJo said...

OK Val, you can be his tie, but I'm going to be his underwear. lol

And can someone PLEASE tell me what's wrong w/ blue/brown and blue/black??????

Eliza said...

When Bobby plays with his gun....oh boy :-D

jazzy said...

imo nothing is wrong with blue/brown and blue/black!
(but why doesn't he take off all of those clothes??)

great caps as usual

Tess said...

And let's not forget he does say...'Cock' in this episode :)

BASRIC said...

Very inventive with excellent caps as usual. And who notices his clothes matching or not when he's holding his weapon?

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