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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who do we want to see?

Not little old me, surely?

Does it say in there?

Maybe they want to see you?

Don't avoid the question.

Good answer!

They just want to see my lashes? Here you go.

And I just want to see you...wriggle out of this one.

My finger may fit in there but...

...wouldn't you rather it was here?

Or here? Anywhere in full view of your fantasies.

Want to choose one?

OK, so we've got it down to five.

I'm going home to Val, she won't make such a song and dance out of it, she'll take whichever finger I offer ;)

All joking aside, this was a powerful and poignant episode which gave us our first real insight into Bobby's pain. He was wonderful with the schizophrenic people, as he had been way back with Howard in Season 1, and showed us his truly gentle, caring nature.


Tess said...

The scene at the end where he's calling to check on him mom.....I Love Him.

Anonymous said...

"Don't ask" said Eames, and we were left with that thought for about 3 years...

Wonderful pictures Val.

Eliza said...

I always think the end of this episode gave us a greater insight into the closeness of the Goren/Eames partnership than we'd ever had before (and NOT in a shippy way)

His compassion towards the residents of the home,as well as towards the opthalmologist(?) made me love his character even more than I did already

SnarkAngel said...

Yessssssssss ... he made me melt in this eppy! But then, he usually does anyway ...

Music Wench said...

Definitely great insight into Bobby and his sad past.

Sad or happy, he's always just gorgeous.

BASRIC said...

Very cute, and true, all so true--his gentleness, his empathy. nice job

JoJo said...

I've always wondered how much Bobby shared w/ Eames about his private life. It seemed to come as quite the shock to her when Frank said, "how's mom?", as if she didn't know Bobby had a brother.

silly for Vincent said...

Bobby..wonderful and caring Bobby..what else..eeehhhh Bobbyyy!!!

Drowsey Monkey said...

This is one of my favourite episodes :)

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