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Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's more than probable

My pictures for this episode are a complete mess, and I'm sure a lot are unaccounted for somewhere. Looks like I'll have to redo them :)

Nice to see your back, Bobby.

Are you playing with that invisible stopwatch again?

"Ha ha! Fooled you! You thought this stretch was going to give you a good groin view,
didn't you?"

"...9, 10. Coming, ready or not!"
Oh Bobby, you can come any time, but I bet it'll be after 10,000, not 10!

"Val, you say the naughtiest things."
I'll do them, too, if you'll let me.

Go on, give me another good eyelashing.

I caught Bobby trying to prove Jean's theory wrong,
that your nose and thumb are the same length.
You're right, Bobby, your thumb is huge, and your dinkie little nose is tiny.


BASRIC said...

Right on the money He's gorgeous as always. nice job

Lozzie Cap said...

On the coffee cup in the first picture (and I see this cup around a lot at the moment), it says "We Are Happy To Serve You"

- which I think could be a good motto for Vixens everywhere. I would like to BE that coffee cup.

silly for Vincent said...

Brain storming Bobby..such a turn on!!!And YEA..THE THUMB!!!

SnarkAngel said...

Ahhhhhhhh ... that glorious thumb ... no wonder he was cast in "Thumbsucker." SLURP!!!

JoJo said...

LOL at your captions!!!

jazzy said...

"We Are Happy To Serve You"
sounds like our life plan, no?!

Drowsey Monkey said...

Yep, whatever season we're into here...I think is one of my favs. Hot, hot hot.

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