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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tagged by Pauline

Forced to delve once again into the murky depths of my early days and my psyche, I have come up with these answers to Pauline's questions.

1. If you could remove one evil from the world, what would it be?
Cruelty in all its forms. To humans, animals, the planet. People do terrible things because they can, but wouldn't we be more human if we DIDN'T do things, 'cos we don't HAVE to, and it's better that we don't?

2. What is your most enduring memory of your teenage years?
It would have been going to see the Beatles, but I was only 10 then. When I was 17 I won a scholarship to go to France for 10 weeks. I had to fend for myself for an entire summer while communicating in a foreign language. I even dreamed in French by the time I got back.

3. If you were to leave everything to one good cause, what would it be?
Fighting pollution and climate change. If we don't put things right soon, there will be no planet left for the next generation, there will be no wildlife, even if it's possible to live, who would want to under the conditions we are creating for the world?

4. What was your greatest treasure as a child?
My Red Indian headdress. Everyone else was a cowboy or a brave. I had a full headdress of gorgeous feathers. (They were probably pigeon feathers dyed bright, but to me they were the most exotic things in the world).

5. If you could choose anyone at all, who would you invite to dinner?
The last time I was asked something like this (it was actually who you'd like to be shipwrecked with on a desert island) I hadn't discovered VDO yet. Of course, now there is no contest, and if anyone can grant me this wish, please let me know. Back then, I was going to say George Clooney, but eventually opted for Nelson Mandela. I'd also love to have my parents back for long enough to tell them about my family history research.

OK, now your turn. No prizes for guessing my choices, but the questions are different.

Eliza, Tess, Diane, JoJo, Ann - here are yours.

1. What is your earliest memory?
2. Tell us about your first love.
3. What was your favourite film or TV programme when you were young (say under-12)?
4. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you bought?
5. What is the best piece of advice you've ever been given?


JoJo said...

Very interesting Val! I like that you'd invite Nelson Mandela to dinner. We saw him speak in Oakland, CA in 1990, right after he was released from prison and he was amazing.

Pauline said...

I totally agree with you on 1 and 3 and the rest are very interesting, thanks for giving such great answers !

Anonymous said...

Um....Bobby's just starting, so I have to go. Give me a month (Val, I can barely remember what I did yesterday!) and I'll answer you ;0)

Eliza said...

I gave it a go,Val.Your answers are much more interesting though :-)

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