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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Double Post

I went upstairs to take the bottom two pictures, but what I found first was that my wonderful parrot who behaves so well (!) that I'd left him out, was on the floor. Here's the result of his investigation into the news - lovely shredded newspaper decorating my newly vacuumed floor.

Yesterday I bought this necklace and bracelet at Bluewater shopping centre. Each link in the chain is a little leopard head, and bigger heads with outstretched paws make up the bracelet and pendant. They all have green glass eyes. They do earrings to match but there weren't any in stock, and I fear that they'd be clip-ons which give me headaches.

I defy anyone not to fall in love with them - and I hope my friend Susanna does, 'cos she has a gold version of the necklace coming at Christmas along with the matching earrings!


Anonymous said...

Val-that is so unique, and so pretty. I am sure that when you wear it everyone will be looking too. Thanks for posting the pictures so that we could see and admire it with you.
Love ya, Jean

JoJo said...

WOW! That is gorgeous! Good purchase!

Tess said...

Oh...Stunning jewelry Val. I'm sure your friend will love it!

Looks like the parrot had a good time. There are someday's I feel like ripping up the newspaper too.

Anonymous said...

AAARGH! You mentioned the word 'Christmas'. I'm still reeling from the fact there's only 4 more pay days between me and it. Then again I got my first Chirstmas party flyer at work in April :0(
Lovely jewellery tho'!

SnarkAngel said...

The jewelry is stunning. Just keep it away from the parrot - LOL. Many years ago I had a stray cat I took in (very pregnant) who LOVED ripping my toilet paper and paper towels to shreds. It was costly, but hilarious.

Beth said...

That's awesome!

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