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Friday, August 10, 2007

Sky Broadband

Anybody out there got it? I'm ditching Virginmedia (Richard Branson, your product is crap, your customer services would be a joke if it actually existed, and you have been overcharging me for many months).

I don't have Virgin broadband, I have Orange, 2mg, but apparently you can't have two, one as an alternative to the other in case one goes wrong. Orange has been good, but wireless will cost me £19.99 a month (I pay £14.99 for the plug-in variety). Sky wireless broadband will cost me £5 a month for 8mg. For cable TV, an extra phone line I don't want, and a separate broadband package, I pay a total £46.50. For Sky TV and broadband, with free weekend and evening phone calls on my main phone line, I will pay £23. Seems like a good deal, but IS SKY BROADBAND OK?

Please help me decide.


Janey said...

we have SKY TV, but not the broadband package, but I believe it is good.

JoJo said...

Hmm...can you google "sky broadband customer reviews" or "customer complaints" and see if there is any feedback out there from the public?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I have Virgin Broadband, and the blogging world isn't big enough for me to tell all the tales of woe. We also have their cable TV and phone, which means I can't switch to Sky Broadband, (although I have Sky TV too) because that needs a BT Line...but BT calls are a LOT more expensive than Virgin, and we had the same amount of trouble with BT - which is why we blew them out in the end.
I think the answer is for us all to move to Paris, where I gather the French have something like 17mgb damn-near instantaneous Broadband for a fraction of what we pay in the UK; unusual that isn't it? The Brits being ripped off....

Eliza said...

I have Tiscali Broadband and phone,think it averages about £30 a month for 7mgb broadband and free evening and weekend calls,including line rental.Funnily enough we had a rep from Virgin round yesterday,pointed out that I was paying too much having them seperate,he was politely told where to go.Tiscali has always been good to me,and their customer service is pretty reliable too.

ann said...

I use BT for my phone and Broadband, but I get free national calls 24/7 and a discount on the mobile I call most. In truth I don't know how much I pay... I don't think it's cheap, but it's been reliable, so I'm reluctant to move just to save a few bob

Anonymous said...

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