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Monday, April 09, 2012

What's In A "The"?

Why is it that in the US folks refer to a famous sunken ship as Titanic, but a well-known supersonic jet as The Concorde, whereas Brits talk about The Titanic and Concorde?

Just wondering...


anactingnurse said...

Woman... You have to much time on your hands! You notice the damnedest things!!!
(I have no explanation why we do want we do. I just follow the herd.)

Eliza said...

Obviously it's because we know best :P

I'd never thought about it before, just seemed the way things were done...technically shouldn't we say RMS Titanic anyway?

val said...

Indeed, Eliza - though I've heard some erroneously refer to it as the SS Titanic.

I actually have some notepads with the flag of the White Star Line and the words RMS Titanic that I bought at the first ever (and by far the best) Titanic exhibition. Seems a shame to use I haven't!

Ruby said...

Good questions, Val! Also, British: hospital and university; U.S.: THE hospital and THE university. Who knows how it all originated? And Vikeau, I say the same as you, including "the" with almost everything!

Anonymous said...'s always been 'Titanic' to me... although if I want to show off, it's 'RMS Titanic' ;0)

JoJo said...

LOL Val!!! Never "thunk" about it before!

val said...

Sorry, Vikeau, I accidentally deleted your comment instead of the "hacker" or whatever it is. Over-enthusiastic trigger finger!

vikeau said...

No worries.

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