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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Aggro To Come

Computer To Go.

I thought that the reason my video captures on my current computer were dark and dismal was because of a problem with PowerDVD. I've been brightening them up before posting them.

But since I got the Season 7 DVD set, another problem has reared its ugly head. The dvds have been slipping and sticking, getting out of synch, and generally behaving badly. I assumed it was the fact that they were Dutch (sorry Netherlands).

But to be sure, today I've capped an episode on my previous machine.

Well, everything is almost teminally slow. But the dvds played fine, and the captures are beautifully vivid. So I guess the problem is the dvd player on the newest computer. I have been wondering why it's sometimes seemed so noisy.

I'm pretty sure I bought an extended guarantee, so I shall have to take the plunge and take it back for a refit. After carefully saving everything to the plug-in spare drive, of course. Mustn't take any chances.

I may also have to recap a whole bunch of episodes and films to get them up to this standard:

When the time comes, I may have trouble accessing your blogs (currently I can't get on the Animal Rescue site, for example) but that won't happen for at least a few days yet.


JoJo said...

I had to commandeer Russell's computer the last 2 days b/c my NEW power cord of 2 months already fried. The one I got last summer fried after 6 months. The new one that I can't afford, is being delivered tomorrow hopefully. So I'm offline til then. What did we do w/o internet?! lol

Anonymous said...

Having just had to have my entire computer system re-installed - losing various internet links/addresses/bits of software carefully accumulated along the way, I feel your pain......

Eliza said...

I'm not saying anything about this computer cos I don't want to tempt fate...but I feel for you, having had various problems in the past. Hope you get it sorted out

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