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Monday, April 09, 2012

"The most beuatiful woman in the world"

That's what this woman's husband has said in defence of his wife's assertion that women are jealous of her because she is "too beautiful". Her name is Samantna Brick.

Huh? Her bleached blond hair surrounds a face that is not just asymmetrical, it's just plain wonky, and I believe it's widely considered that symmetry is usually necessary to make people regard a face as attractive. Her teeth are not great either.

This is not just a bad picture, either - just google her and you'll find lots of photos that show that this one is pretty typical.

Is she delusional? Is her self-esteem so low that she has to pump herself up? Is it so high that she has no idea that she is not too beautiful, she is not so beautiful, she is not even quite beautiful? She simply isn't beautiful. She's not even particularly pretty.

I understand that her husband might find her beautiful, but I don't imagine many other people will. Am I mistaken?

And who is she? I don't have a clue. This madness is all I know about her. I have no interest in finding out any more.


anactingnurse said...

Yeah I agree with you. What is with this chick?

Eliza said...

I read about this woman in the paper on I may be being bitchy, but I just didn't see what men supposedly saw in her..she's fairly average looking to be honest

Sandy said...

If she is beautiful...I am Gorgeous!!!lol

vikeau said...

I read this story and thought "Really? Not so much honey." But then what really got me was that she actually thinks other women are jealous of her. Basically other women are thinking "Geez, you're a butthole and not a very cute one at that."

Ruby said...

"HUH?" indeed!

vikeau said...

val are you being hacked? There seems to be an odd list that keeps popping up in yhe post area.

Anonymous said...

I actually laughed out loud when I first saw this; she clearly believes she's a stunningly beautiful woman, a view not shared by many others I think, including me. Ava Gardener and Elizabeth Taylor were beautiful (in my mind anyway) and she's not even on the same planet as they were. I just don't understand why people are STILL giving her airtime.

Who's the looney toon who keeps posting what appears to be links to porn sites??! (not that I've tried any of them)

JoJo said...

Who is she and why is she in the news? I don't think she's much to look at either.

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