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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bloody Spam

Thanks to those who pointed out the spam comments that had appeared in some of my posts. I've deleted them - and accidentally along the way one of Vikeau's, too, sorry!

What with the emails offering me increases in penis size, viagra, online casino games, local roofers (they always assume they are writing to men in the US!) I'm getting pretty sick of the lack of ways to deal with these cretins. As if any sane person would click on their attachments.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how much 'business' they get out of that stuff? I mean, most people probably just hit the delete key. Seems odd you're suddenly being afflicted tho.....

Eliza said...

I got so fed up of the spam on my blog that I turned the word verification on, even though I hate it..most spammers are just programs set to trawl the net and they don't deal well with verification

As for the e-mails..more and more of them seem to be getting past the spam filters and ending up in my inbox..hate them all

TJara said...

Does your blog not have a spam filter? Mine got one a while back, and it's good enough to catch most spam (I don't get much these days, though).

A couple of things helped on my blog:
- Word Verification/Captcha (I have since turned it off again, though)
- only comments by registered users and open id
- if the spam was made by a registered user, I'd report their blog as spam (it was ALWAYS empty blogs)
- moderation (pre-spam filter)

Good luck!

JoJo said...

I have been blocking email addresses left and right. I used to NEVER get junk mail w/ my spam filter settings on 'exclusive', but over the past 2 months I am bombarded with spam. I am really close to blocking anything ending in, which sucks b/c some of my friends actually have yahoo email accounts.

That said, I will not use Captcha. I find it a major pain in the ass, esp. these days with the longer words. I am less likely to comment if Captcha is on.

vikeau said...

No joke I was eating a pickle when the first thing that I read was "increase penis size". I choked on my pickle laughing. As for spam I wondered if anyone ever responded to the Nigerian Prince who . . . whatever the scam is; I actually met someone who sent money. Really nice guy but not really all that bright. Let's hope you get a handle on the spammers.

TJara said...

I hate Captcha, too, Jojo, that's why I turned it off again. And I got enough spam inspite of it. Moderation seemed to be more of a deterrent, or rather, none of it went through anymore. But ever since Blogger has the spam filter, it's caught 95% of them AND I only get very few of them - every couple of months or so...

bobbybegood1 said...

I recieved several of those emails from a friend starting about a year ago. I, like Vikeau, hollered! I thought to myself - she must be f****** nuts! I phoned her and asked her why would you send me such messages. She said she didn't. We both realized that someone had hacked into her file. Now in the news is folks stealing iPhones gaining access to your private info. I was watching the news this morning when someone on the subway stole a phone from someone sleeping on the floor of the subway station. My first question was - how the hell does a homeless person afford an iphone? Maybe a family member bought it for him. And if that was the case - because those things are not cheap and you have to pay a monthly bill - why not give him a place to stay. I digress, sorry! We all need to be careful. Cheers Val!!

JoJo said...

Oh you guys won't believe the spam I am getting now!!! I get emails from 'the Govt of Nigeria', offering me compensation because of the Nigerians scammers/spammers!!!!

vikeau said...

begood1, it may have been a person who was out partying and was simply drunk. Happens a lot. We have to stay alert because the bad folks are always a step ahead of the rest of us.

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