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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Yes, folks, that's me when it comes to misuses of language that lead to incomprehensibilty.

Today, on Radio 4 (the BBC's spoken word flagship station) a presenter used this word. Yes. Indie-fat-EEG-able. WTF? I thought. Then it came to me. She meant "indefatigable".

When ignorance leads to such misuse that someone with advanced qualifications in English needs several seconds to process what the hell someone means, the laxness of those who should be setting a good example has gone too far.


Anonymous said...

We once had a work placement student where I worked, who typed letters in text-speak and was gobsmacked when corrected... *raises eyebrows to ceiling*

Tess said...

You should hear some of the things Sarah Palin says. I'm always left shaking my head....

fuzzytweetie said...

LOL! Good, I'm not the only one that wonders what the hell is happening to the English language.

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