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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I have a Quest-ion

You know how it looks when you play a normal-sized video or programme in widescreen? The people look shorter and wider, sort of squashed down.

Well, the widescreen broadcasting of Season 1 on Quest has gone off in this episode. The people look taller and skinnier - just as they would if you showed a widescreen programme on a traditional TV screen. Anyone know how that happens?

Luckily my pictures were taken from the DVDs which have NO widescreen facility, just the old-fashioned screen size.


Anonymous said...

The technology gods and I are rarely on speaking terms so I can't answer your question, but Hallmark never bothered showing episodes that were made in widescreen IN widescreen either. I was surprised when you said Quest were showing S1 in widescreen because of course that's not the format of the official DVD box (shame)

JoJo said...

This has been one of my complaints with the HD channels. Everything looks elongated to me. Drives me nuts!

Those are some seriously gorgeous caps though Val. Love the one where he's next to Rogers.

Anonymous said...

Season One seems like such a long time ago. Thanks for the memories Val.

SnarkAngel said...

Downright pornographic, Val! Wrist porn! Tongue porn!!! Have you no shame?!?! LOL

Ducky said...

Oh poor baby has an owie on his finger in #5. Can I kiss and make it better? (I'm not going to go into which finger it is) :P

potzina said...

Pix #2 #6 #7 OMG! Fabulous caps ,Val!

Ruby said...

Just fabulous, Val!

jazzy said...

The way he was holding the receiver is almost shameless. I'm jealous!

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