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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Suck On That!

So there we all were, telling them how stupid they would be to get rid of Bobby, and did they listen? No. They preferred to put their money on The Fly.

We watched tearfully the last visions of our beloved Bobby we were ever going to see:

But The Fly decided to jump ship, seeing the writing on the wall and the cancellation of yet another failed series.

Only with him gone, suddenly it isn't cancelled, and they want our Bobby back to MAKE the show. Just like we always told them he did. They are going to have great writers writing great stories, and either give Goren (and Eames?) the send-off they deserved, or keep on for Series 11!

Next time, cocksuckers, listen to us. We know which cock you should be sucking - the same one we'd like to.

All we need to know now is, will Eames be there alongside Bobby?

Oh, and JoJo, you can watch Loyalty now, being as it's such a wonderful episode.


Jean said...

VAL- AWESOME post. WONDERFUL. I just died. Same sentiments here. Thanks!!! And for the record, I'll take a munch on that as well.

mauigirl said...

Oh Val, I'm so glad you don't mince words! Absolutely GREAT post!

Ducky said...

You tell 'em, Val. Perfect caps to go with it. I just joined the line behind you, Jean. :)

jazzy said...

My mind went to heavenly places since I read 'cock', 'sucking' and 'Bobby'.

Anonymous said...

LOL, you go Val! Priceless!

Music Wench said...

lol Love your enthusiasm, Val. I am also happy to see we were finally vindicated and USA and Wolf Productions realized the horrible mistake they made.

My only concern is that they do hire better writers and FIRE Walon Green for destroying a perfectly good show.

Here's hoping Bobby gets the proper send off he deserves!

JoJo said...

LOL Val!!! I'll have to keep an eye out for it now.

I guess I do like the thought of Wolfco calling Vincent, hat in hand, apologizing and begging him to come back. Vincent's a real stand up guy so I'm not surprised he agreed.

SnarkAngel said...

PERFECTLY stated, Val! YES! We DEMAND great writing, and Katie, too!

greeneyesbell1 said...

That was a great post Val,you didnt mince words,lol.And Jazzy,i know whatcha mean..;)*thud*

Frances said...

The Goren Show is back in town.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Elias, or even little Luca, could have penned better scripts than S8/9 had - and I still think Vincent wouldn't have said he'd go back without Kate. I also hope both of them have screwed every cent possible from USA/dick!

drl59 said...

Baby, baby, baby! Oh, our Bobby is coming back...yummy!

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