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Monday, September 20, 2010

New Season 5 - In The Wee Small Hours

I don't think many people would dispute that this is one of the best LOCI episodes ever.

Don't you just love the naughty-boy look as he sort-of checks with Eames that it's OK to go with Logan?

I hate to see those lovely fingers with dirty nails. Let me clean them for you, sweetheart.


JoJo said...

Yes, this was a great episode! "There they go....Ocean's Two".

Music Wench said...

Best ever!!! And I love that look he gave Eames, first the "Can I play with Logan" look and the grateful one after she okays it. lol

SnarkAngel said...

This really was the first episode that got into the deep, personal issues in Bobby's life. Definitely some of the best LOCI ever.

Anonymous said...

...and this should, of course, have been the template for 'Loyalty' but the showrunners quite clearly didn't give a shit by then, obsessing only about the 'new boy' - now departed - *snigger*

Eliza said...

I won't argue with's up there in my favourites too. The 'Oceans Two' thing makes me laugh...and I wanted so much for Bobby to smack that judge after he involved Bobbys mum

Tess said...

Ahhhhh. The grand old day's of LOCI!

Ruby said...

No dispute here! Definitely among the top 5, at least! Beautiful caps, Val!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic episode and your captures of Vincent's expressions are priceless!

potzina said...

One of my favorite ep too! Thanks for your caps : sigh

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