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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I like Ewan McGregor!

I was first conscious of Ewan McGregor when he guest starred in ER. Well, I knew the name. I think he'd just done Trainspotting, to great acclaim, but I've never seen it.

Obviously he could act. But it wasn't until I saw him in the rainforest that I truly appreciated him as a person. He took every adversity (and there were a lot, many of them potentially fatal) in his good-natured stride. Not long before, actress Caroline Quentin had done a programme where she was required to camp in the Amazon rainforest, and she was a bitch throughout. She moaned about everything (what had she expected?) and was really rude to her poor guide. So it was refreshing to see a proper star behaving so well.

Ewan's brother Colin is a former RAF pilot who I believe served in Iraq. They just made a TV programme together about the Battle of Britain. Colin got to fly a Spitfire, which clearly made him very happy indeed. He even did some aerobatics. But he couldn't let his brother go without the experience, so he forewent his final flight to let Ewan have a go.

The nicest thing was the tribute they paid to the pilots who fought to give us a future. They met a couple of the survivors, who were great characters themselves.

Now, Ewan McGregor may be a nice guy and a good actor, but he isn't dishy, at least I don't find him so.

But check out big brother! Altogether chunkier and more delectable, methinks. A filled-out version of Ewan, and all the better for it.


Eliza said...

Funny that..I watched it and thought Ewans brother was the better looking of them too :-)

It was a lovely show to watch, both of them were very enthusiastic about the subject and treated it all with the respect due without it becoming stuffy. I loved hearing from the ex-pilots too...I never knew the Spitfire and Merlin had the same engine..never knew the Merling had a wooden back end either

JoJo said...

I tried to watch Trainspotting but it was just too disgusting!

Music Wench said...

I love Ewan McGregor. Thanks for sharing the photos!

jazzy said...

Velvet Goldmine!!

potzina said...

You have good taste. I like him too! :D

Tess said...

I love Ewan too!

Anonymous said...

I've had a 'weakness' for Ewan ever since I saw him many, MANY years ago in 'The Scarlett and Black', when he had black hair and ended up on the guillotine. It was a pleaure to see him 'in the flesh' when he did 'Guys and Dolls' in the West End.

I haven't watchd the Battle of Britain thing yet on account of my 5 month old Sony DVD recorder being sprited away - again! - for repair, and the programme is on it's harddrive. If it's NOT there when I get the damn thing back, I shall be exceedingly CROSS!!

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