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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Feeling Chesty

Please can I?

(This is one of Eliza's early pictures of Guy, which remains in one of my online albums. Sadly Photobucket deleted most of mine, regarding them as obscene.)

(Another severely censored album, thanks to those prudes!)

Nearly but not quite. How tantalising!

Hooray! Bobby Chest Hair!


JoJo said...

I didn't realize that Botophucket was THAT strict to delete pics from Adventures in Babysitting. Sheesh. There isn't anything untoward in that movie!

Great selection though! Woof!

Anonymous said...

Yep, 'Guy' is the one with the most deleted by Botophucket. I can only assume they're jealous....

Jean said...

who wouldn't be jealous of even a picture of that man squashed up against somebody? let alone that man squashed up against me? cool shower needed.

val said...

Sorry, JoJo, Blogger made the spacing difficult today, and I know I usually put captions above pictures, but it's Hotel Paradise they've deleted, not Adventures in Babysitting!

Eliza said...

Botophucket are just generally stupid anyway..2 identical pictures in two different albums, they delete one for being against their TOS and leave the other one

As much as I love the naked chest pics, the one from 'Prisoner' with just a glimpse is my favourite :-D

Music Wench said...

OMG I love those photos!!!!

jazzy said...

It wouldn't surprise me if they deleted pix of AIB as well. After all Thor is the hottest mechanic on the planet.
Awesome post!

greeneyesbell1 said...

its hard to pick a favorite,because they all are works of art.lovely man....:)*thud*

potzina said...

I love you, Val! :p

SnarkAngel said...

HATE Botophucket! But ohhhhhhhh, that chest!!!

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